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Short-Term Scientific Mission Blog: Field Notes

Short-Term Scientific Mission Blog: Field Notes

Action number:CA21120

Grantee name: Seyithan Demirdağ

Details of the STSM:

Title: Access to educational opportunities: A comparison of the situation of Ukrainian migrants in Poland and Afghan migrants in Turkey

Start and end date: 10/09/2023 to 14/09/2023

Day 1: The first day of our research collaboration, me and Prof. Jerzy Kochanowicz began with warm introductions, bridging the gap between our diverse backgrounds. We swiftly delved into the heart of our mission, discussing and clarifying our research objectives and questions, ensuring that our collective vision was crystal clear. The room buzzed with excitement as we shared and exchanged our knowledge and previous research findings, finding common threads and areas of divergence that would fuel our project’s dynamism. With a keen eye for detail, we collectively reviewed the initial draft of our research protocol, offering thoughtful suggestions for revisions and additions. The highlight of the day, however, was the spirited brainstorming session where we explored potential methodologies and data collection techniques, sparking innovative ideas and setting the stage for a fruitful research journey ahead.

Day 2: Today was a pivotal moment in our research journey as we focused on refining our methodology. Our collaborative effort centered on creating a robust approach that aligns with our research goals. Prof. Kochanowicz and I carefully considered various research designs—quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods—and defined our target population while ensuring a meticulous sampling strategy. We also debated the merits of data sources like surveys, interviews, and observations, setting the stage for our data collection process. Ethical considerations were at the forefront as we devised strategies for obtaining informed consent to protect our participants’ rights and well-being. These discussions have illuminated our path forward, equipping us to conduct conscientious research.

Day 3: In the pursuit of research excellence, today’s focus was on fine-tuning the essential components of our study. We meticulously refined our questionnaires and interview guides, recognizing the pivotal role they play in shaping our data collection process. With precision, we determined the variables and measures that would serve as the backbone of our research, ensuring their alignment with our objectives. Mindful of potential confounding factors, we strategized ways to control their influence, bolstering the integrity of our findings. We also established a clear and well-structured timeline, mapping out key milestones for data collection, analysis, and report writing, instilling a sense of purpose and urgency. Additionally, we engaged in thoughtful discussions about data management and storage procedures, safeguarding the integrity and security of our valuable research assets. Today’s deliberations have brought us closer to conducting a meticulous and impactful study that promises to contribute valuable insights to our field.

Day 4: As we wrap up this productive research meeting, it’s essential to summarize and consolidate the pivotal decisions we’ve reached thus far, solidifying our shared vision. Me and Prof. Kochanowicz took a close look at the finalized protocol, methodology, and questionnaires, ensuring they align seamlessly with our research objectives. Addressing any lingering concerns or uncertainties, we left no stone unturned in our pursuit of methodological rigor. Looking ahead, we outlined the next steps following our visit, meticulously planning the logistics of data collection. Exciting possibilities also emerged on the horizon as we discussed potential collaborations, publications, and dissemination strategies, recognizing that our research holds the promise of making a meaningful impact in our field. With a clear roadmap and a collaborative spirit, we’re poised to embark on a journey of discovery and knowledge-sharing that holds great potential for our research community and beyond.

Day 5: As we conclude our visit, we took a moment to reflect on the pivotal discussions and decisions that have shaped our collaborative journey. With the exchange of contact information and the establishment of robust channels for ongoing communication, we’re poised to nurture this partnership and propel our research forward. We also clarified any additional tasks and responsibilities, ensuring everyone’s contributions align seamlessly with our shared goals. Looking to the future, we laid the groundwork for potential follow-up meetings, recognizing the importance of continuous collaboration. Lastly, we expressed heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for the collective effort, knowing that it is through such collaboration that we’ll achieve our research aspirations. In the final day, we spent some time discovering Wroclaw, Poland. I want to emphasize that the whole process was a great experience and I want to thank to Prof. Jerzy Kochanowicz for such a fruitful experience and collaboration! Lastly, I want to thank to my Action’s leaders and MC members for providing such a great opportunity for collaboration among the researchers.