Dr. Nemanja Radonjic

Dr Nemanja Radonjić

Working Group 2 Leader

Assistant professor

Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade

Nemanja Radonjić is an Assistant Professor at the Contemporary History Chair, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade where he teaches courses on the Cold War, colonialism and anticolonialism and imagology. He has been engaged with a number of international projects (Socialism Goes Global, University of Exeter, Changing representations of Socialist Yugoslavia, University of Humboldt). He is the co-leader of the COST action working group on the project National identification documents in European History, (University of Maynouth) and has published nationaly and internationaly, by publishers such as De Gruyter, Bloomsbury and McGill-Queen’s Press, has participated in over a dozen international conferences (Graz, Budapest, Leipzig, Berlin, Singapore, Copenhagen, Prague). He was an invited lecturer at Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade and Global studies at the University of Bologna.His main area of research lies at intersections of global and Cold war history, with particular interest in imagology and anticolonial networks on the Mediterranean.

Selected Publications:

Nemanja Radonjić: A Non-Aligned Continent: Africa in the Global Imaginary of Socialist Yugoslavia. In: Socialist Yugoslavia and the Non-Aligned Movement: Social, Cultural, Political, and Economic Imaginaries, pp. 302, 2023.
Nemanja Radonjić: La Yougoslavie «globale» et le «monde non aligné»: quelques observations préliminaires en vue d’une future recherche. In: Balkanologie. Revue d’études pluridisciplinaires, vol. 17, no. 2, 2022.
Nemanja Radonjić: Слика Африке у Југославији:(1945-1991). In: Универзитет у Београду, 2020.