Dr. Nir Arieli

Dr Nir Arielli

Working Group 4 Leader

 Associate Professor of International History

School of History, University of LeedsUnited Kingdom

Nir Arielli is Associate Professor of International History at the University of Leeds. His most recent book, From Byron to bin Laden: A History of Foreign War Volunteers, was published by Harvard University Press in 2018. His current work examines the human history of the Jordan Valley and Dead Sea.

Selected Publications:

Nir Arielli: From Byron to Bin Laden: A History of Foreign War Volunteers. Harvard University Press, 2018.
Nir Arielli: Fascist Italy and the Middle East, 1933–40. Springer, 2010.
Nir Arielli: In search of meaning: Foreign volunteers in the Croatian Armed Forces, 1991–95. In: Contemporary European History, vol. 21, no. 1, pp. 1–17, 2012.