Dr Petr Agha

Working Group 5 Leader

Senior Lecturer

Faculty of Law of Charles University in Prague

Petr Agha’s research and teaching focuses on some foundational issues and challenges in contemporary law and politics. Petr holds a PhD in Law and Criminology from the University of Antwerp. He also obtained degrees in law, philosophy and political sciences from the Queens University Belfast, Glasgow University and Masaryk University Brno. He is the editor of Human Rights between Law and Politics (Hart Publishing), Law, Politics and the Gender Binary (Routledge) and Velvet Capitalism (Routledge).

Selected Publications:

Petr Agha: Human rights between law and politics: the margin of appreciation in post-national contexts. Bloomsbury Publishing, 2017.
Petr Agha: Law, politics and the gender binary. Routledge, 2018.