WG4 Losing citizenship

WG4 will examine the laws around the loss of citizenship and legal identity, either through changes in laws, as a way of controlling citizens’ movements, through hereditary lines or through conflict.

Focus Points

  • What role does the EU have?Transnational citizenship, barriers, facilitators
  • Citizenship tests
  • Hereditary laws for accessing citizenship – legacies of colonial histories and different gender impacts
  • Children’s access to Citizenship
  • Citizenship stripping
  • Iternational law and human rights
  • Withholding of ID/ revoking citizenship/ Statelessness
  • Self-identity, psychological barriers to citizenship


  • Collation of bibliography for publication on HIDDEN website.
  • Using links to Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion.
  • Regular WG meetings to coordinate, share research findings and plan further activities and workshop hosted at same time
  • Participation in Action conferences
  • STSM
  • Preparation of future funding bid


  • Contributing to online bibliography
  • Report for website on the workshop with policy makers which will be a basis for
    developing a set of recommendations for policy makers dealing with IDs for
    migrant and non-migrant populations
  • Reports on regular WG meetings
  • Report on Annual workshop on theme or method of the group on website
  • Publication of 2 scientific articles
  • STSM reports
  • Contribution to joint funding application