WG1 Geography as Fortune

WG1 will explore issues related to geographical birth location as determining fate with regard to what ID one possesses.

Focus Points

  • Forced migration/ displaced people living in
    camps/ border hotspots
  • Passport ‘apartheid’ – the unequal differentiation between the possession of passport(s)
  • Birth right ‘lottery’
  • Frontier states/island states
  • States that resist refugees
  • LGBTQI migrants – rights to migrate/ recognition of identity and family relationship status


  • Collation of bibliography for publication on HIDDEN
  • Regular WG meetings to coordinate, share research findings and plan further
    activities and workshop hosted at same time
  • Participation in Action conferences
  • STSM
  • Preparation of future funding bid


  • Contribution to online bibliography
  • Report on Annual workshop on theme or method of the group
    on website
  • Reports on regular WG meetings
  • Publication of 2 scientific articles
  • STSM reports
  • Contribution to joint funding application